Secularism (nee paganism) is dominant in British Culture.

Its beliefs directly attack a Creator who is personal and good.

The Christian Church is isolated and rendered ineffective because we allow our children to be taught these ideas.

These same ideas caused the nations of Israel and Judah to self-destruct.

God took them into exile to break the pattern of wrong belief.

In exile, weeping by the rivers of Babylon, the elders of Judah sat down with the prophet Ezekiel.

Through a vision God showed the three parts of their failure.

They worshipped, learned from and therefore idolised animals, the earth’s processes and the heavenly bodies.

The last failure and idolatry was the worst.

God said it was like putting the ‘branch to the nose’.

In effect they called God a fool.

What was the idea?

They believed the creation story of the pagans.

They chose to believe creation stories based on observations of the sun, the earth and animals.

They listened to other authorities, setting aside God’s words.

This unbelief led to the things in the temple, and the church today, which deeply offend God.

To break the power of Secularism in Christ’s church and in our Land we need to trust in the words which our Lord gave, beginning with Moses and all the prophets.

      On this website you will be able to:

Access remarkable information regarding the authenticity of the teaching of Moses and the prophets with respect to these topics.

Print leaflets which have information that has resulted in the breakdown of unbelief in educational, industrial and church settings.

Link to films which log the ideas that came to dominate our thinking on the cosmos, despite the evidence against them, up to the present time.

Breaking the Power of Secularism