Secularism is the new religion taught  and worshipped at the highest level in our land.

Are you willing to learn how to dismantle these high places?

Secular Humanism is the religion of atheism.

Its Myth of Origins is now being enshrined in our Laws, our Politics and even our Churches.

Let God be true and every man a liar!

The error: its effects and solution

Breaking the Power of  Secularism Printable pdf’s

Printable Papers & Leaflets

Galileo 1

A collection of quotations set with headings directing the significance of these quotes from leading Physicists/Philosophers

Galileo 2

A Further collection of quotes some from the Christian scriptures, Church Fathers and others showing the significance of this topic to the Church over the centuries.  Planck satellite anomalies significance.

Where are we in the universe?

Similar leaflet to Galileo1 but with comments and reflections added in and some graphics

Is the earth moving?

Similar to Galileo2 but with comments, some extra sources and deals with scriptural verses indicating the earth is not moving.

Quotes from Scientists and Philosophers on a NON MOVING Earth

Some short quotes from famous people in the field of Cosmology acknowledging the reasonableness of the originally held Biblical position of a non moving earth.  Surprising and helpful material for the sceptic.  Tears down arguments against the authority of the Bible.


A Brief overview of some important ideas related to the age of the earth and earth events notably the flood in Noah’s day.

A Heretic’s Defence

Historical paper in response to a charge of heresy in a Methodist Circuit to my views on the Age of the Earth. The response was to be on an A4 sheet. Apologies for the small font.


Some interesting stuff relating to things like dinosaurs and beetles. But it also contains important discussion on vital Biblical verses which point to what is NOT God’s method of Creation.

Judgement 1

Judgement 2

Often misunderstood.  This highlights the problems associated with the other lie in the Garden:’you will not die’.  See what the scriptures say and identify pagan philosophy.

Conditional Immortality: A Coherent Theology.

A much larger treatment of the above leaflets on judgement going into the links to a variety of doctrines… most importantly the Death of Christ.


The significance of the phrase ‘by the rivers of Babylon … we wept’. The vision Ezekiel received defining the nature of the mistakes which Israel and Judah had made. Those led to exile.  We are making them today.

Marriage and its Redefinition in the Methodist Church UK

A letter sent to the sitting committee considering this matter. Also sent to some other Methodist leaders.

A Surprising Deal

A Good News leaflet using the material found on this site in sharing the gospel.