Secularism is the new religion taught  and worshipped at the highest level in our land.

Are you willing to learn how to dismantle these high places?

Secular Humanism is the religion of atheism.

Its Myth of Origins is now being enshrined in our Laws, our Politics and even our Churches.

Let God be true and every man a liar!

The error: its effects and solution

Breaking the Power of  Secularism

Rotation of the Universe

Details of the effects on the Earth

In this excellent video on his website Malcolm Bowden explains the effects on earth of a spinning universe.  Well worth watching to build information on an understanding of God’s creation which allows a straightforward reading of scripture.  This breaks the scepticism of a forked inspiration of the Christian Bible which allows only spiritual truth to be inspired but not physical matters. A scepticism which feeds directly to the unbelief in God’s pronouncements and the undermining of the nature and effects of the death of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Click on the diagram below for the video.

Idolatry in the Temple

Ezekiel 8

Idolatry in the Christian Church

Christians reading the material contained in this website may be tempted to consider that it is not particularly ‘spiritual’ and time should not be spent on such unedifying material.

We have tended in Western Christianity in the last 150 years, to regard truth claims from the scriptures with suspicion and instead favour allegory for spiritual and holy living when reading the scripture. That is not the way that God intended. God appeals to his power and actions in history, particularly the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, in order to produce holiness in His people.

Ezekiel when he was in exile with the people of God in Babylon was charged with cleansing in order for them to re-enter the promised land. To achieve this God revealed to him the historical acts of idolatry which were taking place in the Temple. These had caused the punishment of His people.

The details are both deeply disturbing but apparently remote from us at first reading.

But the Christian evangelical church is immersed from top to bottom in the same idolatrous worship and we do not see it.  

For a Biblical and contemporary explanation of the problem and the worst possible Idolatry in God’s assessment as revealed to Ezekiel click on this pdf file.


Admission of Supernaturalism in the Universe?

A recent article in New Scientist under the heading “Cosmic Quandary” makes this amazing admission:

‘The multiverse can be viewed as the continuation , or perhaps the climax, of a series of great shifts that dislodged the Earth, then the sun, and then our own galaxy from a special position at the centre of physical reality.  Now even our visible universe - once hailed as being simply and inexplicably there, to paraphrase Bertrand Russell- is coming to be viewed as but one arbitrary patch of space-time within a manifold of infinite volume.

Support for this scenario stems from the “unnaturalness” of the fine tuning that we observe in our surroundings’

Joseph Silk ‘Cosmic conundrums’ p26 New Scientist 8th March 2014

We have the straight admission for the belief controlled nature of much of what passes for science in this country.  The doctrine of ‘naturalism’ as the means of the origin of everything, taught throughout our education system, is not allowed to be challenged. Naturalism is a highly sophisticated pagan belief system whose purpose is to foster secularism and atheism … so called rational approaches to life.

It is non rational and non scientific as revealed here.

This statement in Cosmic Conundrums is one of many similar in the literature which reveals that the latest ideas in science and cosmology have the purpose of avoiding ‘unnaturalism’.

A Christian would call that supernatural and attribute that ‘fine tuning to the supreme wisdom of a loving, all powerful Creator … the Word…Jesus.

This is logical, rational and scientific.

When will the Church wake up to the reality that many expensively paid and funded people in our university departments and government scientific departments have an agenda which is anti-Christ.  They teach our children!

One might be tempted to assume that they want to avoid any substantiation, that what the Bible assumes all through its revelation, is actually accurate and reflects the observations. So they invent ever more ridiculous solutions to avoid that scenario. However it is probably much more mundane. They want to stay in a job and thus subscribe to the reigning paradigm.

It is the church who refuses to be laughed at and take the scorn and be rejected as Jesus was that is responsible for the awful condition that prevails.  ‘No truth in reality, no truth in morality’ has been the effect of our cowardice.

We do not challenge on the basis of God’s word what is being taught.

It was reported in an earlier item in NEWS that the Scottish Government Education department was being approached by the Secular Society of Scotland regarding the banning of any objection or alternative in the education system to current evolutionary theory as being the sole and only valid scientific means by which life appeared on Earth.  This followed a similar approach in England where the Secular Society had been able to, through heavy petition, alter the terms and remit of an already existing consultation with these ideas.

I understand that there have been a number of submissions to the Scottish Government from interested parties in ensuring that there is an open debate on these matters.  This is essential from an educational aspect. Otherwise there would be introduced a one sidedness in belief systems influential in school teaching ie. the belief of the non-existence of a Creator with its complementary creation myth of evolutionary dogma in cosmology, geology and biology.

I am delighted to report that the Scottish Education system has not been deceived by the representations of the Secular Society and has maintained an even hand in allowing pupils to hear presentations of creationism and intelligent design where it does not violate proven scientific principles.  This is as reported in the Glasgow Herald of Tuesday 16 December 2014.

“Tim Simons, Head of Curriculum Unit at the Scottish Government's Learning Directorate, has written to the parliament's petitions committee that there are no plans to introduce ban guidance called for by the SSS.

Mr Simmons said: "I can (therefore) confirm that there are no plans to issue guidance to schools or education authorities to prevent the presentation of creationism, intelligent design or similar doctrines by teachers or school visitors.”

A Rotating Universe?

New Planck Satellite results.  Posted 7th February 2015

The latest Planck satellite results have just been released with details of the most important observations.  Those are mainly concerned about early formation of stars in a Big Bang scenario.

It is important to keep in mind that the observations are effectively interpretations of the observations.  These usually are in line with the reigning model or paradigm of the time.  In this case the Classic Cosmology defined by the Big Bang and inflation.  

It is worth noting that the anomalies are still present as were reported two years ago.  These had confirmed the previous two satellites strange results.  There was evidence of an axis going through the universe.  This was dubbed the ‘axis of evil’.  Some information was given regarding this preferred direction in space which broke the Copernican Principle though very few spoke of it in such terms.  Even more obscured from the public’s view and understanding was that this axis was in line with the earth’s ecliptic. This is another way of saying that the earth is centred in the universe but even more important that the universe is revolving around it.  

Should you think that this is impossible given science’s definitive pronouncements over the last 200 years, consider one particular analysis of ‘anomalous ‘data from the WMAP project which looked at what is called the “Bianchi” model of the evidence found. (this link is a PDF download)   

This considered seriously the model of a spinning universe round the ‘axis of evil’. Remember that is acknowledged by Einstein as a possible scenario.   In that earlier study it was concluded that the evidence was not substantial enough and required more precision.  This was the reason for Lawrence Krauss’s outburst of ‘crazy’. He was confident that greater accuracy in the Planck satellite would dismiss these findings.  It didn’t but confirmed with greater accuracy the ‘anomaly’ which gives credence to the Biblical description of a specially placed, non-moving earth.   

This latest analysis of the Planck satellite data acknowledges that those anomalies are still present.  

“But hidden in the detail provided by Planck, there was also a hint of something more fundamental beneath the surface: a number of anomalies in the data do not perfectly agree with the predictions of the standard model. Some of these anomalies were found for the first time in the Planck data, while there had been evidence of others in previous experiments.” <>

The scientists involved don’t know what to do with them.  One method is to determine that they are statistically  unimportant and use the well known philosophical tool of Ockham’s Razor in a mathematical form to conclude that it is too complicated a solution ie the universe revolving around a central stationary earth.  <>

A philosophical (belief) approach to the evidence.

Check out again the first two sections on this website to acquaint yourself with this consistent belief based approach in secularists to the evidence they don’t like.

I prefer the belief based approach found in the scriptures since the Creator/ Designer inspired it and sure knows a lot more than we do at present.

Who will say with authority that God’s footstool is moving?

Isa 66:1   This is what the LORD says: "Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool”

Human Universe  

posted 14/11/20014

BBC Series presented by Professor Brian Cox

A new series presented on BBC Television by the very popular former rock guitarist now cosmologist and TV presenter Brian Cox.  

The series follows on the success of previous productions dealing with the universe but in a multi disciplinary method.  Brian Cox looks at the religion, the biology, the geology and the cosmology presenting the cream of each discipline in a conglomerate form.  

The purpose is to answer the big questions of Who are we ?, Why are we here?, How did we get here? What is our destiny?.

The source of the answer he suggests is science.  He seeks to show this in a logical and coherent  form over the five programmes.  But more specifically the kind of science and associated world view which as an atheist, he and presumably the BBC (since they commissioned the series) are in agreement with, is the only one portrayed.

In other words it is a world view, which includes science but blurs the distinction between science and scientific philosophy. This form of ‘science’ is continuously presented by the majority of the media outlets and especially by the BBC as the only valid one.  It is in fact the doctrines of secular humanism shaped by its creation myth of evolutionary scientism which is portrayed in these programmes.

This immediately raises a problem which probably most people are unaware of but shapes the selection of the material.  In order to demonstrate why old solutions to explain the Human Universe are redundant, because we are not anywhere special in the universe, he deals with the reasons why  the planet Venus shows certain phases.  Professor Cox says, “the only credible solution” is that of an earth which orbits the sun and rotates.  He uses “credible” which is an assessment whose criteria he does not disclose because he does not bother to tell the viewer of the other ‘incredible ‘ solution which has been confronting cosmologists throughout history. That solution has recently become embarrassingly obvious but Professor Cox does not trust the viewer to handle the information or even to share it with them. He instead considers the demotion of the earth in its position and movement to be established thus defining the basis for his ultimate solution to the ‘human condition’.

He takes time over this, considering many aspects of the earth, origin of life and its development whilst  asserting things which he has never observed or tested and will never be repeated since they are historical one off events.  

Brian Cox tells the story with conviction and with many apparent examples taken from many cultures employing a variety of people to make his points.  Noticeable in this approach was a reliance on  various religions. Not everyone is aware that Hinduism is very sympathetic to evolutionary ideas.  These are ideas of origins which match the secular approach. Brian Cox made good use of these to back his points.  This was colourful and entertaining employing imaginative ideas and novel presentations.

Ultimately the process is fatally flawed.  

It becomes obvious to the discerning viewer that he has run into trouble in trying to explain scientifically the evolutionary process.  This becomes a history lesson and is of necessity non-observable or repeatable. Therefore models need to be employed and justified to fill in the gaps.

It is speculative and assumption laden science.  A form of religion.  

This was most obvious when he tried to deal with the anthropic principle: the observation that we are in just the right place for life to exist on the earth and that the balance of everything is just right.  In other words just as if it had been designed.  

This caused the most forced of analogies in the series of programmes ending up in Brian Cox saying, ‘someone had to win the lottery’ suggesting a infinity of universes in order to justify the emergence of this one.  It seems like the question that kids used to ask of the idea that God created, not realising what ‘God’ meant:……who created God … another God … .who created this universe … why another universe etc etc.  In order to escape the necessary conclusion of a creator/designer who is omnipotent and eternal they have adopted the answer of the playground … ‘claiming to be wise, they became fools’:

One of the saddest part s of the series of programmes was his conclusion in the fourth when having declared that there are millions of every single one of us (without a shred of scientific proof) he said, “how does that make you feel?  It doesn’t matter, its just how you feel” This is his solution to the puzzle of the ‘Human Universe’.

What triviality he is dealing out to our youth since he is recommended reading  and viewing in our schools and universities.  What hope is there in such  a statement?  

These speculative flights of fancy do not even begin to compare with the definitive statements of Moses in the book of Genesis, the truths which Jesus imparted and the reality of experienced power and grace of the indwelling Spirit of the resurrected Christ solving the human condition.

It is noticeable that Professor Cox feels the need to return in most of the programmes to the ‘Galileo’ affair to affirm that we are nowhere special in the universe and therefore of no importance.  In the last of the programmes he went to a community not far from the North Pole where there was constant daylight from April to July as the sun never set.  His implication was that this was definitive proof of the non centrality of the earth and also its movement around the sun. But he never explained why!  As someone familiar with Einstein’s theory of relativity he would know that Einstein said, “The two sentences: “the sun is at rest and the Earth moves,” or “the sun moves and the Earth is at rest,” would simply mean two different conventions concerning two different CS [coordinate systems]” The Evolution of Physics: From Early Concepts to Relativity and Quanta, Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld, New York, Simon and Schuster, 1938, 1966, p. 212.   

He has not proven anything but merely asserted the Copernican Principle. (See film advertised on this site dealing with the evidence which shows this is not proven)

However the saddest part of the whole series was the application made by the Professor that such understandings of the physical world meant that “we are all alone and there is no one out there who cares”  

Such secular interpretations of the observable universe and life on earth lead to meaningless.

How can this be, in the words introducing the series, a ‘love letter’ from Professor Brian Cox, ‘to the human race’?

A different story in word and spirit and with real Love is described in the Christian scriptures, “the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me”  I read of a world created without sickness or death but corrupted by our rebellion against our Creator.  I read of the rescue mission God initiated through Jesus to rescue us from death and give us quality and quantity of life individually and in community which we desperately need.

The philosophy/religion behind this series of secular humanism based on its origin myth of evolution over billions of years is based on unverifiable speculations and has no hope in it.   

It is aptly articulated by Professor Cox.

Reported in the Daily Telegraph

“Creationism, intelligent design and other theories that contradict evolution are to be banned from being taught as science in free schools.”

The regulations state, “Creationism . . . is any doctrine or theory which holds that natural biological processes cannot account for the history, diversity, and complexity of life on earth and therefore rejects the scientific theory of evolution.”

What astonishing arrogance.  This is the remit of those involved (knowingly or not) in the setting up of a new Paganism. It directly challenges the statements of Scripture and the one who said,”I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” John 14v6. See section on the morality of the method of creation here. and  also here.

They do this on the basis of incomplete knowledge but also confuse empirical science (what you can observe, test and repeat) with philosophical science which postulates about history which is not observable, testable and above all not repeatable.  

In doing so they are making serious academic mistakes which undermine the teaching of science and a critical, questioning approach to life.  They are brainwashing our children through not allowing anything to challenge a particular view of history. This is the establishing of the pagan creation myth and not allowing it to be critiqued.  

We are paying these people to undermine our faith and ruin our children’s and the country’s future.

It appears that people who make such decisions have not read history very well.  They forget that Sir Isaac Newton was a believer in intelligent design, a believer in a Creator and specifically a six day creation model all of which did not impair his scientific capability. Similarly with Michael Faraday a believer in a six day creation period and the discoverer of electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism and electrolysis.

These could be multiplied many times.


Point these things out to your children’s teachers.

Principle Film

This film is now available for purchase and streaming.  Having viewed it I can thoroughly recommend it as a first class primer for the topic and its scientific relevance.  The contribution of top physicists, allowed to express their own views, but nevertheless endorsing the remarkable evidence that is appearing in the Universe, has to be viewed and heard.

Journey to the Centre of the Universe

However this is not the only film available the above title which has also just become available is a more thorough coverage of the topic. It covers in extra detail with examination of sources and the historical situations which produced the majority view of the present day. It also presents the opposition to those views and the overwhelming evidence presented by the three axes streaming through the universe and converging on the earth.  Lasts over four hours in total.

If you have any doubts, this is the definitive presentation of material which will persuade and convince.

I am willing to present these films in context if you so wish. Contact me via the contact link.

“ Anomalies”

Posted 27/3/15

Continuing on the theme of anomalies which continue to be detected by the Planck Satellite. These are evidences which contradict the normal and well propagated understanding of the universe and its origin.  Some of these have been seen before.  The first results coming from the Planck satellite confirmed these previously seen phenomena. However they have been less talked about in the recent results apart from saying they still exist.

Let’s be reminded or perhaps introduced to the nature of these anomalies and their implications by Michael D. Lemonick March 28, 2013 in an article in Time magazine:

“The ancient, leftover light from the Big Bang, however, seems lopsided, with a huge swath of sky at a slightly cooler temperature than the rest. It could simply be a fluke, like getting 50 heads in a row in a coin toss. Or it could mean that the age-old assumption about cosmic uniformity is wrong. The chance is maybe one in a few hundred that this asymmetry could happen randomly, says Bean. “So is it really significant or not? It’s tantalizing.”

As with the overall age and composition of the universe, this isn’t an entirely new finding: it was reported a decade ago by NASA’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) satellite. There was always a chance, though, that it was some sort of mistake—but not anymore. “Everything that WMAP saw, Planck sees,” says David Spergel, head of Princeton’s astrophysics department and a leader of the WMAP team.

If the cold spot does represent something more than just a random throw of the cosmic dice, it’s not clear what that something might be. “It could suggest that the universe is rotating,” says Spergel. That would account for an uneven temperature distribution, but, Spergel adds, “that’s inconsistent with other data.” It could also suggest that the universe is finite in size, and perhaps not a lot bigger than what we can actually see from Earth, but that appears to be inconsistent as well. At this point, says Spergel,  “I don’t know of any compelling idea that would explain it.” The anomaly isn’t so glaring that it threatens our larger grasp of the universe, he admits, but “we may need some sort of new theoretical understanding.”

You like me haven’t noticed any new theoretical understanding appearing.  The alternative which would account for the data they are seeing is a universe in line with the one indicated from a straightforward reading of the Christian scriptures:  the earth in a special place and a smaller universe than presently measured by distorted first datum measurements which assume the orbit of the earth around the sun.

Notice that the statement that ‘could be cosmic uniformity is wrong’ refers to the Copernican principle (Galileo's guiding idea) in its extended modern form and as reported elsewhere on this site is broken at its root by these observed ‘anomalies’


A recent editorial in the Guardian newspaper (7/4/17) discussing the role of religious broadcasting in our society makes the observation, “Religions are at their most powerful when they are not something people are conscious of believing, but just apparent facts that they assume everyone knows.”

The intention of the editorial was to draw attention to classical religions when they are most influential. However current secularists and humanists are not aware of their own religion beliefs because they count them as facts and not beliefs.  That is the attitude to their ideas of cosmology, geology and biology which are challenged on this site.  

The really sad story is that those same “facts” are assumed by much of the Christian Church in the Western hemisphere and particularly the UK. We are weak because we have believed the creation story of those who would oppose Christ … or change him into their likeness.

Ligo and Light

Recently one of the topics to have hit the headlines in support of the Einstenian view of the Universe has been ‘Gravitational Waves’. Remember that the secularist viewpoint of origins and life is built on a foundation just like anything else.  Anything which bolsters that foundation is critical information and is extensively propagated through the secular press.  

Einstein, if you are familiar with the information contained in this site, is so important to this secular viewpoint that signficant efforts are made to support and extend the ‘truth’ of his approach.

One such effort was the Ligo detection for gravitatonal waves.  These waves were the outcome of Einstein’s theories and calculations. They have been eagerly looked for!  

The Ligo apparatus is signficant and the claims look good on first acquaintance.  But the exercise is flawed because the foundation is false.

See this reference for a significant analysis and falsification of the underlying theory of such an undertaking.

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A short letter written to a Task Group within the Methodist Church looking at the redefining of Marriage.

The letter refers to two leaflets written in this website:  Galileo1 and Galileo2

Critique of the Scientific and Biblical base of Geocentric model by Barry Setterfield answered by Robert Sungenis

A very interesting article and potentially damaging to the geocentric case was published by Barry Setterfield.  I use some of Barry’s work on the speed of light analysis for which I am very grateful.  Robert Sungenis realising the influence of Barry to crush this emerging debate has answered his points more than adequately and additionally adds to the understanding of the Biblical and Scientific case. Worth reading through the critique and the answers. Click on the above title for link to the article and answer.

Robert Sungenis responds to the Carter/Safarti paper published by Creation Ministries International (CMI)

An informative critique which Robert Sungenis answers both biblically and scientifically showing the critical assumptions made as the basis for the attack.  Helpful to walk through the arguments against and to find a comprehensive response.

Click on the heading above to access the article

Answers in Genesis’ Danny Faulkner seeks to close debate on the fragility of the Cosmological Principle.

A quote from Physicist Edwin Hubble which is used on this site and very damaging to the non biblical position of Answers in Genesis on this topic is given a justification of pure scientific enquiry. This justification seeks to remove any element of bias in the observation or application of data and thus unusable to the geocentric cause.

Danny Faulkner seeks to give an academic and historical basis for the particular comments which are very revealing.  The argument he uses from an academic and historical context seems strained and complex (methinks he protests too  much)

But most importantly he fails to understand that those contexts and history were generated in the first instance by not only the application of the cosmological principle in the first place but also the more fundamental assumption that the earth is moving. That is the assumption in the face of the evidence, or lack of it, which drives the context.

Therefore Hubble reponds to data, which would close down these avenues of enquiry, by his protests.  

This has led, as Paul the Apostle says, to endless speculations in the genealogies of the Cosmos and ultimately all of creation which are unhelpful. 1Timothy 1v3-7 See also following links for critique of Danny’s position by Robert Sungenis Part1 and Part 2. Separate PDF’s.


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 Quotes that You are likely to have missed.

“I have come to believe that the motion of the Earth cannot be detected by any optical experiment.

Albert Einstein, Speech titled: “How I Created the Theory of Relativity,”

delivered at Kyoto University, Japan, Dec. 14, 1922, ascited in Physics Today, August, 1982. the question whether or not the motion of the Earth in space can be made perceptible in terrestial experiments.  We have already remarked  ….that all attempts of this nature led to a negative result.  Before the theory of relativity was put forward, it was difficult to become reconciled to this negative result.”

Albert Einstein, How I created the Theory of Relativity, transcript speech Kyoto Japan 1924.


“Briefly everything occurs as if the earth is at rest”

Physicist, Henrick Lorentz

Lorentz’s 1886 paper, “On the Influence of the Earth’s Motion of Luminiferous Phenomena,” in Arthur Miller’s Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, p. 20.

“There was just one alternative; the earth’s true velocity through space might happen to have been nil.”

Physicist, Arthur Eddington

Arthur Eddington, The Nature of the Physical World,192 9, pp. 11, 8,

Quotes sourced in ‘Journey to the Center of the Universe’ A Scientific Documentary Disc2  Galileo was Wrong the Church was Right. Robert Sungenis

Continuing Controversy on the Speed of Light

Probably one of the most controlling factors in our understanding of the environment in which we live and exist is the principle of the constancy of the speed of light.  

In reality we know that light speed can change.  We can slow it down very easily by passing it through water or another dense medium.  Even light passing through the earth’s atmosphere is slower than it passing through the vacuum of space.  It is here that assumptions made about the speed of light in regions (space) we have never been able to access that control time and our understanding of processes in the heavens and on earth.  

The history revealed in the Bible is contradicted by the assumptions that light speed has always been the same as we measure it now and that the appearance of red shift in the stars is a measure of the expansion of the universe.  This is not unchallenged.

Further, experiments at Cern have determined particles travelling faster than the speed of light though there is great reluctance to confirm this even resorting to broken wires in an earlier scare.

Earlier than this however are other experiments showing that passing light through special gases speeds up the passage of light or at least some parts of it.

What we can be sure of is that the inadequate information and understanding of the information we do have should not be used to contradict what has been revealed by the One who created all things.  

  It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

Psalm 118:8



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