Secularism is the new religion taught  and worshipped at the highest level in our land.

Are you willing to learn how to dismantle these high places?

Secular Humanism is the religion of atheism.

Its Myth of Origins is now being enshrined in our Laws, our Politics and even our Churches.

Let God be true and every man a liar!

The error: its effects and solution

Breaking the Power of  Secularism

Why this Site?

Informing God's people from a Biblical basis of how Secularism's belief system has pervaded our churches.  Identifying in Scripture the warnings (OT and NT) against these specific beliefs and their method of operation which is destructive of faith and the character of God as revealed in Jesus.

Who am I?

Bob Akers:  Born and grew up in Paisley in the West of Scotland. Brought up in the Methodist Church and Boy’s Brigade …still keep in touch with BB captain from that time.  I came to know Christ personally as my Saviour and Lord at the age of nineteen whilst studying for a degree in Engineering.

After some false starts career-wise I studied at the Bible Training Institute Glasgow for three years obtaining a Diploma in Theology.  After this I worked with the Royal Sailors’ Rests (Agnes Westons .. Aggies) as Missioner in Charge in Portsmouth of a ‘dry pub’ with added gym, squash courts, badminton court and fellowship and quiet room.  Friendship evangelism! Brilliant opportunities and with the need to relate the gospel to a technical group of people in the Royal Navy.

Following this I worked with the Seamen’s Christian Friend Society (SCFS) as a Port Missioner on Teesside.  What a delight to speak, pray and share literature about Jesus Christ with men and women from all over the world. There were regular opportunities to share in all church  denominations and have their support in this task.

Then another period of study in Glasgow Bible College from 1992-96 with an honours degree in Theology whilst also working as a lay minister in the Methodist circuit I grew up in.  

This was followed a year later with a PGCE at Durham University School of Education and subsequently have taught  Religious Education in schools in England and Scotland.  I have additionally served as a Chaplain to an Engineering factory in the North of England, a lay worker and local preacher in the Methodist Church whilst teaching part time.

It was during this period, whilst my wife of now over 50 years marriage was serving as a Methodist Minister, that I observed the overwhelming secularism of state schools and how they shaped young minds.  

Challenges within the Methodist Church and beyond meant further studies which led me to understand the foundational importance of the information which I share in this website.

I have three grown up children, two boys and a girl all of whom, with their spouses, are delighted to confess Christ as Lord and Saviour and are leading our five grandchildren in the same way.

Contact me on the details below for presentation of material on this website in seminars, men’s breakfast, youth meetings, bible studies, women’s meetings etc.

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